My passion as an artist is to bring joy and wonder into peoples lives.
When It Rains in the Desert, is inspired by a recent trip to Northern Arizona after an unusually heavy spring rain which caused the grass to grow greener and taller than usual and the wildflowers to bloom along the road. During that trip, I was reading a book about Atlantic Sea Birds and how fast they are disappearing due to Global Warming and overfishing. As a response, I created a world where horses in the Southwestern Desert interact with the precious sea birds of the Northeastern Ocean.
Can’t find what you want? I love doing Commissions.

My life-long passion for observing and recording both the outer appearance and inner life of animals comes together with a lifetime of painting to create my unique pet portraits. Commission one of these
one-of-a-kind animal paintings and get a lasting legacy of your best friend to be cherished and 
appreciated for generations.