Jack as the Little White Dog

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

The Little White Dog’s

flying adventures in Dreamtime.

Odd as odd can be

images of The Little White Dog

appear to me

from a world that co-exists

in the universe along with many other worlds

in Dreamtime -

The Wandering Albatross with eleven foot wing span

glides around the world

sensing the changing currents of wind

Humans can only Imagine that soaring flight...

Such intimacy with the wind.

Jack , when he becomes The Little White Dog,

in a sense, becomes like an Albatross.

This blog is an accumulation of images

of places the Little White Dog flies

and sometimes takes rest on the back of a horse

or in a rowboat in the middle of pond.

Like many dream’s topsy turvy stories

they often vanish before they have a chance to become known -

strange stories you might tell a lover or friend ...

Enjoy the journeys of the Little White Dog

whose other name is Jack .


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