I have been a visual artist since I was five years old. Growing up in Northern Illinois, my asthma and the inclement weather kept me in bed for months during the winter, so I began spending my time drawing, copying Disney Characters from comic books, pictures from Arizona Highways and the stylized paintings of horses, deer and antelope by Harrison Begay . My father was an excellent horseman, passionate bird watcher and nature lover, a powerful role model who’s influence inspired me to make paintings of horses, rabbits and birds from photos and Native American paintings of deer and antelope.


When at work in my studio, I am at peace and feel the presence of the Oneness of Spirit of all beings: animals trees, birds, earth and sky.

My life-long passion for observing and recording both the outer appearance and inner life of animals comes together with a lifetime of painting to create my unique pet portraits. Commission one of these one-of-a-kind animal paintings and get a lasting legacy of your best friend to be cherished and appreciated for generations.



Artist Alicia Otis

12 Domingo Road

Santa Fe, NM  87508

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